Shifting sands BELLY dance

Las Vegas, NV

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival


Pirate Fest

Performance Information


1. Each troupe will only be granted one performance slot per day to ensure every troupe is able to perform.
    (If there are additional times available, then additional performances can be scheduled.)
2. Performances will take place on the hour, and half-hour intervals.
3. The list of performers must be legal name in order to submit names to Parks & Recreation for credentials.
4. You may email your music file to the Performance Committee at:
The information provided with the music should be: artist, song name, and length.
Please do not send multiple files or links to other pages.


1. Every performer must be a member of Shifting Sands Belly Dance, must sign a non-liability waiver, and must acknowledge that he/she has read the encampment rules.
2. Each performer is expected to volunteer for either Setup or Teardown and at least one 2-hour shift at the SSBD encampment.
3. All soloists and troupe directors (or their representative) must attend at least one SSBD meeting that is convened for information and discussion of Pirate Fest and  Renaissance Fair objectives.
4. Each soloist, duet, trio and troupe must provide their own sound technician to run the stereo equipment for their performance. The technician must be a member of SSBD, must be in a period costume, and must sign a non-liability waiver. The technician must attend the SSBD training session. Only persons who receive training will be allowed to operate the sound system. Sound system training will be provided on the Thursday of set-up.
5. Each performer/troupe must send their dance music to the performance committee for approval. The Performance Request and the music must be submitted together.
6. The Performance Committee will schedule performance times for all three days of Ren Fair and 2 days for Pirate Fest, will review costumes and music appropriateness, and make recommendations to the board for final approval.


Performance Request APPLICATION

Please use Legal Names in all name boxes
except for "Troupe or Soloist"
which may be used for your performance name

If you are a Soloist:

Please fill in each of the required items (*) that pertain to performers names with your legal name,
except for the first box ("Name of Soloist"), which you can use for your dance name. Thank you.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

*Please note: NO special characters are allowed in most boxes**

(Please use only letters and numbers except for email box)