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The below links were provided by members of the SSBD Dance Committee and General Membership as resources that can be referenced in regards to Behavior, Costume, and Speech for Renaissance specific characters. Please be aware that since the concept for SSBD's encampment is a Silk Road caravan, there are many possibilities available when considering how you appear and act during your performance both on and off stage.

RenaissanceDancewear.com - A comprehensive essay on fabrics and dyes used by many cultures during the Renaissance area.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire Guide to Costuming - This guide helps to illustrate what Elizabethan classes wore during the period, including information on class-specific fabrics and color schemes.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire Guide to Language - A wonderful introductory guide to English Speech during the Tudor period. This is an invaluable resource if you plan to interact with patrons. Remember, even if your accent is different (Persian, Asian, North African), you would still attempt to speak the local language, which is Tudor English.

Folkwear.com - This site sells traditional Middle-Eastern dance costume patterns. Huzzah!

Shira.net Guide to Belly Dance Costumes for SCA and Renaissance Faires - This is an exhaustive guide as to what to wear and how to behave/act when performing at a historical reenactment event. Shira also provides information on what not to wear and why (the part about chain-mail bikinis is priceless).

New! Turkishculture.org - This site has two sections that are invaluable for creating a Turkish character and/or costume: Turkish Traditional Performances and Turkish Traditional Fabrics & Patterns(True aficionados of Turkish culture however will click here!) 

New! Ouled Nail Links- You can see photographs of the elaborate costumes of this legendary North African tribe as well as read either this short article or this long article which explains their, um, popularity.

New! Gypsy Links - This site offers a short article with historical images of Rom during the Renaissance Periods. This book and this movie, although not Renaissance specific, are both highly recommended as an insight into the mindset of the Rom.

New! Ghawazee of Egypt - Another short yet highly informative article about a very distinctive North African Tribe.