Shifting sands BELLY dance

Las Vegas, NV

Want to Learn to Belly Dance?

Shifting Sands Belly Dance provides free belly dance classes every Tuesday of the month.

Learn various techniques in drumming, finger cymbals, and dance. The dance forms are taken from Middle East and North African folk dances, cabaret style dances, tribal movements, folkloric steps, and fusions of other various styles. Dance in any form presents a challenge in concentration and discipline, but can enhance physical skills as well. The instructors try to make the dance enjoyable as well as educational.

Every Tuesday 6:00 PM at the Clark County Library Paul C. Blau Theatre.

Check our Calendar for updates on Classes and other Community Events.

The founding members have an extensive background in Middle Eastern and North African dancing and drumming. Over the past 30 years, as members of other ethnic clubs, dance studios, and renaissance guilds, they have been involved with many cultural community events and public performances. They continue their education by periodically attending dance/drumming seminars and workshops. They also share individual research into the history and cultures of North Africa and the Middle East.

Many of the people who attend the free dance lessons are members of Shifting Sands Belly Dance. Others belong to different dance ensembles or are dance instructors themselves with their own following. Some are involved with medieval re-creation or re-enactment groups, while others are just individuals interested in this form of dance for their own pleasure.

Shifting Sands Belly Dance sponsors an encampment every April at the annual Pirate Fest and October at the annual Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, which is held by the Clark County Department of Parks and Recreation. Soloists and troupes are invited and encouraged to share our stage and provide free entertainment for everyone's enjoyment. 

SSBD informs members and dance students of local, state, and national dance events by announcements at the classes, by references to various websites, and through printed flyers from other dance instructors. Our organization encourages dancers to attend shows, movies, and cultural events that touch on belly dance or the ethnic cultures with which this art form is normally associated.