Shifting sands BELLY dance

Las Vegas, NV

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
Camping Information



  1. All campers must be members of Shifting Sands Belly Dance.
  2. The names of all persons staying in your tent must be provided to the Camping Coordinator by the deadline.
  3. Pictures of your fire pit (if applicable) must be sent to the Camping Coordinator no later than July 1st to be included in the contract to P&R. Any submission to camp after this deadline will not be allowed to have a firepit.


  • All campers must be members of Shifting Sands Belly Dance and must sign a non-liability waiver.
  • All campers must volunteer for setup or tear down and at least two hours of time during the event. 
  • All campers must help set up the SSBD encampment before setting up their own tent.
  • Mundane tents must be fully covered and must remain standing during the three days of the event. No tent may be collapsed during this time.
  • All campers, or a representative of each dance troupe that is camping, must attend the daily encampment meetings to receive information from Parks and Recreation (P&R).
  • Each tent must have a personal fire extinguisher (required by SSBD as a safety issue). P&R will have a fire extinguisher company on site for anyone who wants to have their fire extinguisher serviced. They will charge a nominal fee.
  • Individual fire pits must be 12 inches above the ground and must have a wire/mesh screen to cover the flames. You must stay with your fire pit until it is completely out.
  • Campers are expected to walk in the morning parades on Saturday and Sunday. This is a requirement in our contract with P&R.
  • Prior campers, volunteer participation, behavior, and on-time dues payers are factors in consideration for tent space. Just because you received a spot last year, does not guarantee a space this year. P&R can and most likely will change lay-outs of our encampment area.
  • Please clean up your area prior to the start of the day. Keep glass items tucked away in your tent and not out in the open of the public.

Camping Request APPLICATION

Please use Legal Names in all name boxes
except for "Stage/Troupe Name"
which should be used for your perfomance name


  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • Please note: NO special characters are allowed in most boxes.
  • Please use only letters and numbers except for email box.
**ALL Campers MUST be current SSBD members to stay in the encampment**